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Author Jenna Nobles’s New Audiobook, “Fitzhugh: an American Story,” Follows the True Story of an American Soldier Whose Commitment and Drive Led to a Fulfilling Life

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Savannah, GA, December 30, 2022 –(PR.com)– Jenna Nobles, a graduate of Armstrong College who is a practicing Roman Catholic, a yogi, and an accomplished artist, has completed his new audiobook, “Fitzhugh: An American Story”: a captivating story that follows one man’s life as he navigates his failures and trials while staying dedicated to his family and pursuing his purpose in life.

“‘Fitzhugh’ is the story of a brilliant young man from a noble family who was destined to be a player in the Cold War with the Soviet Union,” writes Nobles. “He meets and falls in love with a beautiful, alcoholic nurse whom he later marries and fathers three children with. Fitz’s passion for his family could not hold Lib and their marriage sadly ends in divorce. As Fitz tastes the bitter agony of defeat, he wallows and wanders for years before finally coming to grips with what he truly wants out of life. Whispering a prayer in the dead…

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