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Author Janie Baetsle’s New Book, ‘Terror by Day’ Tells of a Fictional Conspiracy to Overthrow an Election by Distracting Others With a Dangerous Virus

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Recent release “Terror by Day” from Covenant Books author Janie Baetsle is a fictional drama that centers around a conspiracy to overthrow a presidential election. Using a deadly pandemic as a way to cover up their crimes, those who seek to overthrow democracy will do their best to rig the election’s outcome and take away the rights of others in the process.

Press Release

Sep 2, 2022 06:00 EDT

Janie Baetsle, proud mother who finds salvation and healing in God, has completed her new book, “Terror by Day”: a thrilling fictional account of a plot to steal an election and destroy the democracy on which America was founded upon.

“A strange and…

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