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Author Deborah Katherine Smith’s New Book, ‘Dreams With a Message’, is an Exciting Yet Practical Journey to Better Understand Dreams

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Recent release “Dreams With A Message” from Covenant Books author Deborah Katherine Smith is an invigorating guide to understanding the connection between dreams and messages from God through a deep connection with faith.

Press Release

Jan 6, 2022

Deborah Katherine Smith, a minister of over twenty years has completed her new book, “Dreams With A Message”:  a spiritual guide to understanding God’s messages in nightly dreams.

Smith shares, “Do you have a longing to experience a deeper relationship with Jesus? Have you ever considered that He could be communicating with you in your dreams while you sleep?

Dreams with a Message is a vital tool to help you understand, discern, and interpret your dreams. You will come away with a greater ability to hear and recognize the Lord’s voice as you apply the truths…

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