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Author Dasha Tryon Wallace’s New Book, ‘Isabella and the Beast’, is a Compelling Tale of a Young Girl Who is Desired by a Nefarious Lord

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Recent release “Isabella and the Beast” from Covenant Books author Dasha Tryon Wallace is an enthralling tale of a girl who has selflessly dedicated her life to her father until she is forced to participate in a trial at the palace, in an effort to escape the egregious Lord who wishes to make her his against her will.

Press Release

Dec 21, 2021

Dasha Tryon Wallace, a talented fiction author has completed his/her new book, “Isabella and the Beast”: an intriguing, whimsical tale.

In an excerpt from his book, Wallace writes, “Breathing in the wild and musty scent, his grin grew. He moved slowly as if he were a lion hunting his prey to the only painting that had been placed amid the animals. He smiled, remembering the day he had an artist paint it based off a description. The frame was gold, holding a painting that…

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