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Author Danny James’s New Audiobook, “You Are Me,” is a Compelling Autobiographical Work That Invites Listeners to Experience the Author’s Life Journey

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New York, NY, December 23, 2022 –(PR.com)– Danny James has completed his new audiobook, “You Are Me”: a captivating and intriguing work that allows listeners to follow along on the author’s unforgettable life story.

Danny James had a life many people wish they had: a great job, a partner, a nice home, and a great set of friends. At twenty-seven, a car accident left him severely handicapped and unable to remember his life before the accident. After years unable to walk or talk, he started to regain some abilities. His partner decided to send Danny back to live with his parents in Alaska. Dealing with the unimaginable loss almost ended his life.

Miraculously, Danny found himself in a rehabilitation facility in Chicago where he slowly relearned how to function and keep a job. Eventually, Danny was able to get and keep a great job. A haunting memory and need to “make things right” inspired him to adopt twin boys from foster care….

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