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Author Christina C.’s new book ‘Us’ is the story of two people locked in a need for revenge and the truth behind it.

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Recent release “Us” from Newman Springs Publishing author Christina C. is the story of hate’s perseverance and if it can truly be defeated.

Press Release

Jan 12, 2022 06:00 EST

Christina C. has completed her new book “Us”: a gripping story that follows Nadia, a woman desperate to find the reason behind Sang-chul’s obsession for revenge. Her tireless investigation leads her down a rabbit hole of secrets far darker than she would have ever imagined, but how much digging will she be able to do until it starts to affect her as well?

Published by Newman Springs Publishing, Christina C.’s harrowing tale sees Nadia become consumed with Sang-chul and entangles herself in one destructive situation after another. As her own obsession threatens to put Nadia in more and more danger, the two each have their own revelations. Will…

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