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Author CC Fields’s New Book, “I Believe: Christian Leadership Lessons Through the Eyes of a Child,” Inspires Young Readers to Become Christian Leaders

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New York, NY, December 21, 2022 –(PR.com)– CC Fields, who grew up on the East Coast of North Carolina where she lives with her husband Tony and their dog Abel, has completed her new book, “I Believe: Christian Leadership Lessons Through the Eyes of a Child”: a children’s book based on Christian leadership principles of how to help serve those at home, in school, in the neighborhood, in the community, and in the world to make all a better place to live.

The work is illustrated by CC’s sister Julie Durden, who is an artist. Julie lives in the Atlanta area with her husband Dennis. CC and Julie decided to build their dream together of publishing children’s books.

CC writes, “Everything in life is built on leadership, whether of just yourself or leading a team of others. This begins as a child.”

She continues, “Alone, we can do much, but as a team, we can conquer so much more.”

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