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Author Carolyn Collett’s New Book, “The Fall of October,” Shares Stories of How Angels Will Come to Anyone, Even Through Life’s Heartbreak, Triumph, and Happiness

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Monticello, KY, April 04, 2023 –(PR.com)– Carolyn Collett, who was born in Hazard, Kentucky, has completed her new book, “The Fall of October”: an extraordinary work that offers stories about family struggles of handling the ongoing saga of disagreement.

Author Carolyn Collett writes, “It was a beautiful sunny Saturday in May; it had been a busy workweek, and Carol was about to turn thirteen. That is a really big deal, when you turn thirteen going into your teenage years. We were on a mission to find her the present she had asked for, for her birthday; it was a Honda Spree. That was the only thing she had talked about that she wanted. Mommy had called the night before and asked us to come for lunch as we did almost every weekend. She always wanted to make us a big brunch. It always made her very happy to spend time with us and to get her out for the evening, taking her to shop for things she needed for the week. Sometimes…

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