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Author Bryce Larry King’s New Book ‘The Turtle King’ is a Delightful Children’s Story That Inspires Young Readers to Learn About the Many Wonders of Wildlife

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Recent release “The Turtle King” from Newman Springs Publishing author Bryce Larry King is an imaginative children’s story about a young boy named Ashton who loves to explore the world near his home. He loves to enjoy the animals and insects in the pond nearby and learn all about each of the critters he would catch in a jar.

Press Release

Dec 20, 2021 06:00 EST

Bryce Larry King, a retired naturalist and wildlife specialist, has completed his new book “The Turtle King”: a fun and creative children’s story written to inspire the reader to explore nature and learn the importance of all the creatures in the world.

Author Bryce Larry King describes the meaning behind his story, writing, “I hope this story will help people appreciate the natural world…just as Ashton does.”

Published by Newman Springs Publishing,…

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