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Author Ashleigh Scott’s New Book ‘I Am Not a Robot’ is a Tale That Relishes in Letting Children Be Children.

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Recent release “I Am Not a Robot” from Newman Springs Publishing author Ashleigh Scott is a touching book for parents and children to read and grow together.

Press Release

Jan 10, 2022 06:00 EST

Ashleigh Scott, a mom to two perfectly imperfect, silly and curious boys, has completed her new book “I Am Not a Robot”: an insightful book that puts forward a very simple premise but one that is very important for parents to understand; children are not robots but their own people that will grow in many ways, that are going to surprise parents and themselves in amazing ways.

Published by Newman Springs Publishing, Ashleigh Scott’s excited tale asks parents to remember what it was like at their age, to see the world with fresh eyes, where everything is something new and amazing to explore.  This delightful tale also…

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