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Author Amy Herrig’s new book ‘Forever Joy’ is an exciting tale of rebirth that follows a young woman on her journey

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Recent release “Forever Joy” from Newman Springs Publishing author Amy Herrig is the story of a young woman who takes a risk to start over and find happiness in a new place, on her own terms.

Press Release

Dec 29, 2021 06:00 EST

Amy Herrig, a wife, and mother who resides in Dallas, Texas and draws inspiration from her relationships with others, has completed her new book “Forever Joy”: the thrilling story of a young woman whose past and present meld together as she grows through her solitude.

After being an overachiever her entire life and thinking she knew exactly what she always wanted, Mandy Harrington finds herself at a crossroads, doubting everything she always knew. In an effort to reevaluate herself, she moves from Portland to a small coastal town, where she is welcomed by new friends and a new life. Just as…

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