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Author Amanda Porter’s New Book ‘Vixen’s Story: The Reindeer Who Saved Christmas’ is the Story of How Vixen Saved Christmas

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Recent release “Vixen’s Story: The Reindeer Who Saved Christmas” from Newman Springs Publishing author Amanda Porter is the story of how Santa’s smallest reindeer saved Christmas.

Press Release

Dec 29, 2021 06:00 EST

Amanda Porter has completed her new book “Vixen’s Story: The Reindeer Who Saved Christmas”: a touching story of Vixen, the smallest reindeer in Santa’s fleet, who journeys away from the North Pole to find a family that will love and accept her for who she really is.

Published by Newman Springs Publishing, Amanda Porter’s endearing tale follows Vixen as she runs into many surprises, meets many different people, and learns a very valuable lesson about what family truly is.

Readers who wish to experience inspiring work can purchase “Vixen’s Story: The Reindeer Who Saved Christmas” at bookstores…

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