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Author Afi Jemima Maule-Israel’s New Book, ‘Country Queen’, is a Delightfully Uplifting Children’s Book About a Little Girl Who Felt Rich

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Recent release “Country Queen” from Covenant Books author Afi Jemima Maule-Israel is an encouraging children’s book paired with brilliant illustrations that depicts a little girl who, though she is poor, feels rich!

Press Release

Sep 7, 2022 06:00 EDT

Afi Jemima Maule-Israel, a performing artist of cultural narratives, has completed her new book, “Country Queen”: a delightful children’s book.

Maule-Israel shares, “Country Queen is a children’s story about a poor girl who felt rich. A story designed to encourage and promote positive self-esteem in young children who may or may not be from humble means.

From Country Queen’s story, Afi has…

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