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As Food Costs Soar, Marvell Foods, Nation’s Leading Food Brokerage, Food Trading Company Offers Food Manufacturers and Consumers Best Hedge Against Rising Food Costs

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The nation’s leader in the secondary food market, Marvell Foods, is helping food insecure American families and food manufacturers, suppliers, packers, and distributors seeking affordable, price-sensitive solutions in the face of punishing and rapidly rising food costs.

Press Release

updated: Aug 19, 2021

Marvell Foods, a food broker specializing in discontinued, out-of-date, unsold, and overstock food items, is helping address the soaring costs of food plaguing the nation and aid in the fight against food insecurity due to COVID-19.

As the nation’s largest secondary food industry broker and trader, Marvell Foods has a keen pulse on a wide range of products – fresh and frozen proteins, canned goods, shelf-stable items, and more. Leveraging its more than three decades of experience and extensive…

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