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Arabian Perfumes Available at Ezenzia Gain Ground in the United States

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Miami, FL, September 06, 2022 –(PR.com)– Javier and Jason are two 30-year-old Latino entrepreneurs and the owners of Miami-based Ezenzia, a perfumery that brings fragrances directly from Dubai to Miami. Their goal is to provide to the Latin market, fragrances normally viewed as luxury items, but at a more affordable price point.

“We started in 2017, choosing this field within perfumes because we realized that it was a niche that was not occupied,” the entrepreneurs commented on their origins. This is how they began to import perfumes for men and women; many of them inspired by prestigious brands that lead the market.

“Any type of fine fragrance of 100 milliliters (ml) has a final consumer value of $300. While top brand perfumes can be had for about $100, at Ezenzia, we offer the same or better, below $50,” said Javier.

“Our concept is ‘a perfume for every day,’ because people who buy the most expensive products usually do so only to…

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