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Anil Uzun Announces New Book: “Essential Guide to Responsible & Ethical Travel”

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London, United Kingdom, July 28, 2021 –(PR.com)– Anil Uzun is a long-time traveller and a climate warrior that has been travelling around the world for so many years. He announces his new book called “Essential Guide to Responsible & Ethical Travel.”

“Overtourism is a problem but we can overcome the issue with responsible travelling. With the pandemic we need to be more cautious when travelling. Cautious for ourselves and cautious for the environment. I see very inconsiderate people like the time I saw a guy in a Māori spiritual site, where eating and drinking are clearly prohibited, chowing down on a sandwich. Not just the people but many hotels and tour companies polluting the world with plastic. Hate to break it to you but over tourism and climate change are more interrelated than we all thought,” says Anil Uzun.

“Studies on Climate Change show that global tourism produces about eight per cent of global greenhouse gas…

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