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Angel McKinney’s New Book ‘Billy the Bully’ is a Charming Children’s Story That Offers an Example of How to Treat People Equally and With Respect

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Press Release

Sep 2, 2022 06:00 EDT

Fulton Books author Angel McKinney, a mother of two and a grandmother of four, has completed her most recent book “Billy the Bully”: a heartwarming children’s story that introduces a bull named Billy. He is a young bull who likes to hang around with the older bulls. He begins to learn some bad habits, like being mean to all the other animals on the farm. He calls them names, scares them with his horns, and makes fun of the way they look.

Author Angel McKinney writes, “So one day he finally got to start school. He was so excited. He was gonna learn all kinds of new things and maybe make some new friends. While out on recess, he was trying to get some of the…

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