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An eCommerce SEO Audit by 1Digital Agency Lays the Groundwork of Success

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Press Release

Jan 3, 2022 12:00 EST

Ask any search engine marketing expert about SEO and people will quickly realize there are a lot of moving parts. Few SEO agencies offer truly full-service SEO packages. It’s more common for an eCommerce SEO company to offer a group of services that affects search engine optimization but does not account for the whole picture because the entire scope of SEO is simply too complex.

Some SEO firms build backlinks; others produce optimized content. Others yet might take a look at site page structure and optimize little ranking factors like title tags, metadata, code, and image attributes. These ranking signals, together with others, paint the entire picture of at least 200 ranking factors that affect a website’s organic standing. 

There is something, however, that the best eCommerce agencies have…

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