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AmplifyBio Celebrates 2 Years of Innovative Solutions, Preclinical Drug Development and Safety

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AmplifyBio, an organization built from a preclinical CRO, launched out of Battelle in 2021 and dedicated to building a full-service advanced therapy commercialization hub, is proud to celebrate its two-year anniversary. Since its inception, AmplifyBio has been committed to improving the speed and cost-effectiveness of bringing safe, efficacious therapeutics to patients. 

Over the past two years, AmplifyBio has made significant strides in advancing its technology, expanding its team, and increasing the scope of services provided by adding on R&D and characterization services at a new site in South San Francisco, and in recent weeks, taking first steps to extend partnerships with clients through their manufacturing stage. The company’s combined value proposition, which brings advanced discovery and characterization together with…

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