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Alternative Liquidity Index Announces Offer to Purchase Shares in NanoFlex Power Corporation

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Minnetonka, MN, January 20, 2022 –(PR.com)– Alternative Liquidity Index LP has announced an offer to purchase up to 13,132,600 Shares of NanoFlex Power Corporation (the “Shares”), an amount equal to approximately 4.99% of the total issued Shares at a price of $0.01(the “Offer”). The Shares are traded on the OTC Markets Expert Market, but overall trading volume is low. Consequently, it may be difficult for Shareholders to sell their Shares.

The Purchase Price represents a premium to the most recent trading price as of the date of the Offer. The Purchaser is a Delaware Limited Partnership and is not affiliated with NanoFlex Power Corporation. The Offer is being made solely for the Purchaser to establish a passive ownership position in the Shares.

Shareholders should read the Offer and related material carefully because they contain important information. Shareholders are urged to consult with financial and other professional…

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