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Allegiant Health Offers Sugar-Free Energy Boosters Nationwide

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New York, NY, August 07, 2021 –(PR.com)– There’s a growing market for energy boosters as people embrace a fast-paced lifestyle. Among other reasons, people need energy boosters to pull all-nighters, become recharged at work, and fight off drowsiness. Most people rely on heavily caffeinated drinks to do the job, however, there is now another alternative to these drinks.

New York based company, Allegiant Health, manufactures and delivers HealthA2Z PerkUp cubes across the US. These energy booster cubes are safe for consumption and offer a healthy alternative to sugar and caffeinated energy drinks.

Naturally-sourced caffeine is an integral part of PerkUp’s composition. This kind of caffeine can help improve short-term memory, reduce fatigue, and increase mental activity in a safe manner. Derived from green coffee beans, this natural stimulant also acts as an antioxidant. Each serving has approximately 50mg of natural caffeine which…

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