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Alex Guerrero, Renowned Body Coach to Tom Brady, Announces the Founding of TBRx, a Revolutionary Total Body Recovery Company

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Tom Brady’s Body Coach Alex Guerrero Launches TBRx: A Game-Changer in Total Body Recovery

Alex Guerrero, renowned Body Coach to Tom Brady, is thrilled to announce the establishment of TBRx, a groundbreaking company focused on advancing the TB12 Method and expanding its reach through strategic partnerships and a comprehensive continuing education platform.

TBRx is set to revolutionize the approach to pain management with its Total Body Recovery methodology, which builds on the pioneering techniques developed by Alex Guerrero over his illustrious 30-year career. The company’s cutting-edge and evidence-based approach combines hands-on manual therapy with functional movement exercises to swiftly promote healing and eliminate pain, allowing individuals to achieve total body recovery and continue…

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