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AIM Capital Ltd. Continues Regaining Legitimate Control Over Its Fertilizer Assets Worldwide

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Press Release

Nov 30, 2022 13:26 CET

AIM Capital Ltd., through its subsidiary EuroChem Group AG, continues to regain legitimate control over its global fertilizer assets. AIM Capital Ltd. is the Cyprus-based holding company that owns 90% of shares in EuroChem Group AG, the top-level holding entity for the EuroChem group, and 92.2% shares in SUEK JSC, the top-level holding entity for the SUEK group (the “Group“). EuroChem Group AG is the world’s second-largest consumer and third-largest manufacturer of fertilizers, while SUEK is one of the world’s largest integrated energy companies. 

EuroChem Group AG announced earlier this month that its fertilizer plant Lifosa AB (Kėdainiai, Lithuania)…

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