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Addison Group Earns Top Spot on 6 U.S. & Global SIA Largest Staffing Firms in 2022

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Press Release

Aug 29, 2022 13:30 EDT

Addison Group (Addison) is an award-winning professional services firm specializing in talent solutions and consulting services; growing exponentially over the past decade, Addison has proved itself a top contender, earning recognition across industries and by Staffing Industry Analysts, (SIA).

Addison Group has been highlighted as one of the 2022 Largest Staffing Firms, Largest Finance & Accounting Staffing Firms, Largest IT Staffing Firms, Largest Healthcare Staffing Firms, Largest Office Clerical Staffing Firms in the U.S., and Largest Direct-Hire Staffing Firms Globally, by SIA, a reliable compilation and comprehensive list based on annual revenue generated; this…

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