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A-LIVE Partners with Minerva to Offer Fans NFTs of Music Concert

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San Jose, CA, January 14, 2022 –(PR.com)– In December 2021, Coma Cose, a leading Italian hip-hop band, streamed their first augmented reality concert to a broad audience of paying viewers. One thousand fans were also able to purchase a full recording of the concert along with unique fragments of the performance packaged as NFTs and delivered via a Limited Edition Box. The Box contains a poster, a Virtual Reality viewer and a bracelet with a QR code to access the NFT.

The Limited Edition Box

The one thousand NFT video fragments extracted from the concert in real-time are visible at https://alivemusic.tv/nfts. Each NFT, owned by a fan, can be re-sold indefinitely, with royalties automatically split between the seller and the artists.

A-LIVE, a leading provider of advanced solutions for the conception and delivery of live music, streamed the concert and packaged the NFTs in collaboration with Minerva Networks.

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