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A Holistic View of the New Age Movement – Is There Such a Thing as “New Age Thought?” Where Did It Come from?

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Burke, VA, July 08, 2021 –(PR.com)– In a seminal work that provides a holistic view of the New Age movement, author Ruta Sevo created a compendium from the theories of spiritualists, energy healers, yogis, and quantum physicists–400 pages drawing on 80 books, that follow the early days of the New Age movement up to the science of subtle energy. The author overlays and relates new discoveries in quantum physics and scientific evidence to our understanding of spiritual experiences and spirituality in general.

Published in May 2021 and available on Amazon.com from Momox Publishing, “New Age: New Answers to Deep Questions” provides a comprehensive approach to the current high interest in such topics as life after death, spirituality, divine energy and intelligence, the theory and nature of personal reality, Near Death Experiences, psychics and mediums, UFOs and alternative medicine.

Lives have changed from an encounter with “the…

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