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85% of SMEs understand GDPR but legal requirements are still not being met, new survey reveals

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  • 85 percent of UK SMEs are familiar with the GDPR and 80 percent are aware that the GDPR requires data to be kept clean and accurate
  • More than half of SMEs do not clean their data
  • Only 40 percent hold their consumer data in a CRM or similar database
  • 42 percent of SMEs use direct mail to contact their customers or recruit new ones

London, 9 August 2021 – A new survey has revealed that 85 percent of the small- to medium-sized businesses in the UK are familiar with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), but more than half are still not cleaning their data and therefore not adhering to the GDPR’s legal requirements.

The survey of 1,110 SMEs, conducted in June by marketing data and insight company REaD Group, also revealed that only 40 percent hold their customer and prospect data in a CRM or other database: a surprisingly low figure given that businesses need to maintain contact with their customers for sales and…

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