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3dEYE Connects Over 90% of Uniview NDAA-Compliant Camera Models

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Toronto, Canada, August 03, 2021 –(PR.com)– 3dEYE Inc. has upgraded its unique Pure Cloud Video PUSH solution allowing Uniview NDAA-compliant cameras connect directly to the cloud without any additional hardware. This configuration is extremely secure and reliable as there are no intermediate servers. This connection eliminates security vulnerabilities with cameras often being exposed to internet hacking threats over port forwarding. No public access is possible to Pure Cloud PUSH Module connected cameras. Unlike P2P servers, the 3dEYE Push Module does not have issues with ports blocked on ISP providers since it is streaming over TCP 443.

To learn more about the technology you can attend this webinar and find out how partners are utilizing an industry-grade security cloud VMS, backed up by Amazon AWS, to unify multi-site surveillance with all cameras and provide remote viewing to unlimited users without risky port forwarding that…

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