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16 WyoTech Students Awarded Scholarships From the Mike Rowe Foundation

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Students from the leading automotive, diesel and collision trade school received 10% of the overall awards given to trade school students in the U.S.

Sixteen WyoTech students were awarded the Mike Rowe Work Ethic scholarship from the Mike Rowe Foundation. WyoTech students received nearly 10% of the overall awards given to trade-school-going students across the nation. 

WyoTech supports its students through education and financial assistance by offering up opportunities with the Mike Rowe Foundation, an organization renowned for its dedication to the trade industry.  

“WyoTech and the Mike Rowe Foundation share a common mission in bringing awareness to the value of trades education,” said Jim Mathis, president and CEO of WyoTech. “For many years, WyoTech students have been beneficiaries of the…

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