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12-month real-world achievements for Diabeloop’s AID

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4 million (1) hours of hypoglycemia avoided; Trust in the algorithm leads to fewer meal declarations; Users report a significantly reduced mental load

EASD 2022 – Diabeloop, a leader in therapeutic AI applied to insulin delivery, reports today on 12 months of use of its hybrid closed-loop DBLG1 System on a large, multi-country patient cohort. While Time in Range (70-180 mg/dL) still shows constant improvement, time spent in hypoglycemia stays significantly low. Users share how these clinical results, combined with a growing trust in the algorithm has led to fewer interactions with the device and improved quality of life. 

New data2: one year living with DBLG1 System
Cohort of over 4,000 patients in 5 European countries 

The innovative company Diabeloop, which will be present this week at the…

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